What Are The Best Homestead Income Ideas for Small Farm

Are you looking for ways to make money on your small farm? Are you ready to turn your homestead into a self-sustaining enterprise? Do you need some inspiration to figure out how to make some extra money while improving your homestead’s infrastructure or adding livestock? We’ve put up a list of the Best Homestead Income Ideas! Discover how to profit from your little farm while also providing a service to your community.


Are you ready to delve even deeper and put your farm on a path to success?

Before you start a homestead business, there are a few things you should know.
Don’t let your homestead vision fade away.

While it’s natural to be excited about expanding your farm and beginning to earn money from your hard work on the land, it’s critical to keep your priorities in mind and have a clear vision.

Whatever led you to begin this lifestyle, whether it was for health reasons, financial reasons, or a desire for increased self-sufficiency, you must be careful not to lose sight of your homestead and become engrossed in the business. Maintain vigilance and analyze whether your farm’s needs are being met on a regular basis, then grow your operation accordingly.

Make a living as a Cottage Economist.

Cottage Economy is a little book written in the early 1800s by William Cobbett. “The guy who, by his own and his family’s labor, can provide a sufficient supply of food and raiment, as well as a nice dwelling-place, is not a poor man,” the author wrote.

“It is not the vastness of a man’s means that makes him independent, but the smallness of his wants,” he has also observed.

Two mindsets may be gained from his work that are essential for the homesteader who wants to make a living from their farm:

1.) Be flexible with your expectations. Many of our necessities are actually wants because we grew up in a consumption economy. Learn to tell the difference between the two. Perhaps you’ll discover that you can simply enjoy your life without the stress of keeping up with people who are already charging it all.

2.) The proverb “A penny saved is a penny earned” is true. We suggest keeping a one-year journal of all the money you can save. Discounts from sales and coupons should be factored in. Even better, include the money you saved by not making a purchase at all (a 100 percent savings!) Make it a goal to save as much as you can.

Track your homestead spending with The Homestead Journal or Homestead Management Printables (something you should do anyhow if you’re going to start a business). In the many areas of homestead production, keep track of your yields and determine your price per pound. Calculate the average cost per pound of a similar product and include it in your savings.

This year, for example, we grew 489 pounds of pastured poultry for $2.22 per pound. A local farmer’s pastured poultry costs $4.90 a pound (for whole chickens). That’s a $1,310.52 save. Why should these figures be ignored in the homestead’s cottage economy? When all of these things are taken into account, it’s possible that monetary earning from a homestead business isn’t as important as being a wise cottage economist.

With those caveats out of the way, let’s get to the fun part: learning about all the different ways you may start earning money on your homestead!

145+ Small Farm Homestead Income Ideas
Money-Making Opportunities in the Garden
Extra Garden Seeds Can Be Sold
Extra Seedlings Can Be Grown & Sold
Start a Market Garden and Sell Your Produce
Start a Herb Garden for Medical or Culinary Purposes and Sell Plants
Grow a Second Row of Garlic and Sell the Seeds
Microgreens for Restaurants & Farmers’ Markets
Invest in a Worm Farm
Perennial Herbs & Flowers for Sale
Composting is a great way to get money.
Mums are a great way to decorate for the fall season.
Cut Flower Production for Market
Grow Culinary Herbs and Spices for Commercial Use
Grow Hemp/Cannabis
Livestock-Related Income Sources
Breeding services are available.
Raise a surplus of meat and sell it
Begin a Herdshare.
Raise and sell bottle babies Tame the Animals
Renting out your goats for land management is a good idea.
Your Pasture Can Be Rented
Halter heifers are heifers that are raised to be sold as Halter heifers. Educated Family Cows that produce milk
Raise Other Livestock for Butchering (By butchering your own meat, you can invite your customers to visit you and assist you on butchering day. Certified processing facilities aren’t required if “customers” butcher their livestock reared on your farm. This enables you to provide bespoke cuts, speciality products, rendered fat, and other services.)
Make Money with Your Poultry Farm
Surplus Items for Sale Chicken Eggs in a Rainbow of Colors
Market Duck Eggs of Superior Quality
Hatching Eggs for Sale
Hatch Chicks on the Market
Sell Pullets that have been started and are ready to be laid.
Pheasant, grouse, or quail can be raised for hunters.
Raise Mealworms for Snacks and Sell Them
Raising Ducks for Restaurants is a good idea.
Raise Turkeys for Thanksgiving
Raise Sheep for Profit
Produce Lambs for the Market
Wool can be sold for fiber.
Pelts and Skins for Home Decor are for sale.
Sell healthy breeding stock that is resistant to parasites.
Raise Rabbits for Profit
Ideas for Beekeeping Profits
Offer Rental of beehives to farms and orchards
Surplus Items for Sale Honey
Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Propolis Pro
Offer Services for Swarm Removal
Candles made of beeswax are for sale.
Herbal salves can be made in a variety of ways.
Income Opportunities in farm and Land Services
Shear Alapacas and Sheep Services for Studs
Pet Training Horse Riding Lessons Horse Boarding
Pets on a Farm Sitting Board
Organize a Petting Zoo
Rototill Gardens is a term that refers to a type of
Offer Services for Stump Removal
Woodlot Clear the area
Tree Pruning & Trimming Services Snow Removal Leaf Removal
Pressing Apple Cider
Starting a Mobile Butchery is a great way to get your business off the ground.
Processing of Deer
Mill Grains for Your Community Taxidermy Engine Repair
Arranging Flowers
Equipment is available for rent.
Make a hay offer and sell it Tractor Rentals
Hunting Rights on Lease
Invest in your land by renting out RV and campsite parking.
Run a Yoga Studio Outside
Construct a Shooting Range
Offer Services of Taxi (Especially in Amish Communities)
Your Stock Trailer Can Be Rented
Make Use of Your Skills: Offer Building Services are available. Services of a Handyman
erect fences
Gardeners can benefit from raised beds.
Construct Chicken Coop
Milling Machine
Old Barns Can Be Reclaimed
Construct Tiny Houses
Making Custom Furniture
Antique Furniture Repurposed (Furniture Flipping)
How to Make Money from a Woodlot
Extra Firewood Can Be Sold
Surplus Items for Sale Syrup from maple trees
Planting Nursery Trees
Bamboo Products to Grow and Sell
Start a Timber Tree Farm
Starting a Christmas Tree Farm is a great way to get into the holiday spirit.
Ramps should be grown.
Mushrooms to Grow
Ginseng should be grown.
Income Opportunities in Agrotourism
Construct a Corn Maze
Start an Orchard or Garden with U-Pick Fruits and Vegetables.
Begin a Bed and Breakfast business.
Make a Rental Property for Vacations
Start a pumpkin patch and rent out your farm for weddings and events.
Sell Crafts Using Your Homestead Skills
Etsy is a great place to sell your handcrafted items.
Make Home Decor with Your Old Canning Jar
Soap created from scratch is on sale.
Candles are made and sold.
Grow Gourds in Your Garden and Turn Them Into Crafts
Woodcarving, woodworking, and woodturning
Create a Barnwood effect Interior Design
Feathers can be used to make a variety of crafts.
Job’s Tears Grain & Jewelry Making
Naturally Fiber that is dyed
Handmade Quilts for Sale
Baskets Made of Weave
Make Pottery by Hand
Make a living as a leathersmith.
Make a living as a blacksmith.
Foods from the Cottage
At the market, sell homemade bread.
Baked Goods for Sale
Starter Cultures for Sale
Starting a Microbrewery is a great way to get your business off the ground.
Artisan Cheeses for Sale
Make your own herbal tea blends
Pet food that is raw for sale
Tallow and lard can be sold online for a profit.
Make Money With Your Photographs
Participate in Affiliate Marketing Programmes
Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager
Create print-on-demand books Conceptualization (Such as T-shirts & Mugs)
Consulting or coaching services are available.
Assistant Virtual
Create a website and a blog
Begin a Podcast
Create your own YouTube channel.
Entrepreneurship from Home
Consultant in Permaculture Design
Teach Your Skills and Host Workshops or Classes
Photographers can rent your fields.
Farming of fish
Breeding Dogs in a Responsible Way
Become a Home Herbalist Children’s Services
Groomer for pets
Make Lessons Available
Become a Snail Farmer for Restaurants or a Homeschool Teacher.
(This is very widespread in the Amish community.) Niche Product Supplier Many families run a side company providing specialist products to their neighbors, such as beekeeping equipment, gardening tools, and furniture.)
Distribution of Products (Think Mary Kay, Avon, Essential Oils, Chalk Paint, etc.)
Become a Doula and resell antiques from estate sales

Do you have any further homestead income suggestions to add to this list? Leave them in the comments section!