Which Places Have The Most Beautiful Homes In The World

Malta, the Cotswolds, and Tuscany have all made the list of places with the most beautiful homes in the world, thanks to their magnificent, head-turning mansions.

Homedit.com conducted a survey of 4,839 people, providing them with photographs of traditional houses from 20 different towns throughout the world to determine which were the best.

Birgu, one of Malta’s oldest neighborhoods, was named the winner, with 79 percent of respondents stating that the homes in this area are absolutely stunning.

Second place went to Bibury, England, which is known for its honey-hued stone houses, and third place went to Tuscany, Italy.

Ghent, Belgium, Mykonos, Greece, and the lovely French city of Paris are among the other gorgeous destinations on the list.

“The Cycladic architecture allows residences to benefit from natural light and lower sun absorption while also maintaining their lovely exteriors,” the team said of Mykonos’ traditional and cubic houses.

Of course, we can’t travel around the world during the lockdown, but the list gives us something to look forward to once things get back to normal.

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Most beautiful places in the world

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Barcelona, Spain
Bibury, England
Birgu, Malta
Boston, USA
Cartagena, Colombia
Colmar, France
Edinburgh, Scotland
Ghent, Belgium
Gotland, Visby, Sweden
Grund, Luxembourg
Lisbon, Portugal
London, England
Mykonos, Greece
Paris, France
Quebec City, Canada
Recife, Brazil
San Francisco, USA
Tuscany, Italy
Tyrol, Austria